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This is a story that takes place in the Land of Laizen. In this Land, people are ruled by a government of Four people, known as the Evil Rulers. Being forced to live under the guidelines and rules of these Evil Rulers, the people are apparently oppressed, and cannot live an easygoing lifestyle.

However, one town has decided to rise up, and stop this oppression.

On the Legendary Day of Fate, a name shall be drawn from the Hero Ballot Box in order to determine who shall become the Hero of the World, that will go out on a Quest to find and defeat the four Evil Rulers.

A young man known simply as Nero, is not interested in such political games, and simply wants to continue living his average life like normal.

 However, once the Day of Fate arrived, the name that was drawn was...




Nero is the Hero of the World, chosen by a lottery on the Day of Fate. He originally didn't want to be the Hero, due to lack of confidence in himself, and his deep-rooted dislike of children. However, he managed to come through, take responsibility, and start his Quest.


Abel has been Nero's best friend ever since they were kids. When his sister Raine forces Nero to take her on his Quest, Abel is immediately brought along with them. He wears an eye-patch for some reason.


Raine is Abel's sister. She rigged the ballot box the night before the Day of Fate in order to make sure Nero was selected as the Hero of the World. She forces him to take her on his Quest afterwords. She has a chipper personality and a nice figure.