Shikinagi Animation Group


In modern day Tokyo night, the reserved and introverted Najika Tsuki begins to befriend the handsome student council president Yukari Bueno, and the smooth transfer student Chitose Miyamoto. However, behind the scenes of the Sugoi Gakuen Academy's night school program, there are secret plots hatching. There may be more to everyone than meets the eye, and Najika soon finds that school and her love life aren't all she has to worry about, when ninja and samurai begin stalking her.



The heroine of our story. Introverted and nervous, she slowly begins to come out of her shell when she befriends Yukari and Chitose. But her good times won't last long...


The student council president of Sugoi Gakuen Academy. He is diligent and intelligent, and can take care of anything with cool, collected precision. However, it seems he holds a terrible secret within...


The new handsome transfer student. His smooth foreign charm gets all the girls (and guys) in school to fawn all over him. He approaches Najika casually and they soon become close friends. But, what is the secret behind his strange attraction...?